Ridding the world of mediocre team builds…one game at a time!

We design games and simulations to support others in changing teams and organisations

They can be used for learning, developing leaders, building teams, changing organisations and making work fun

Everyone of them has been built to use – not on a drawing board but to meet a need either one of us or one of our clients had

We have several stripes that validate us in doing this (CIPD, Occ Pysch, Organisational Behaviour, Scout Hiking Badge)

We’ve worked in loads of industries: retail, publishing, food manufacturing, finance, public sector, third sector, telecomms, recruitment and infrastructure. People are people!

We can sell you the product, support you in using it or just run it for you – options, options…

Get in touch, we’ll tell you more and if we haven’t got what you want, give us a bit of time, we’ll design it