A busy summer…

Autumn seems to have arrived with some force and it’s prompted reflection on what’s been a very busy summer for us.

It’s mostly been about our Property Trading Game which we’ve run six times with the teams from Crossrail – everyone from Senior Managers to the Apprentices (that said it does help one of our partners is in the OD team!), once with the global marketing team from Dollar Financial (thanks to VP Digital Marketing David Henry for that one) and finally our ‘there is such a thing as a free lunch’ open day – where 15 brave volunteers came and played on what must have been one of the hottest days of the summer.

A good time was had by all it seemed and apart from some tired feet there’s been some superb reflection and discussion in the post-game sessions we’ve been part of.

So apart from a little light trumpet blowing that’s it apart from sharing two of our favourite pictures from our busy summer. The first from the Open Day where the team chose the ‘Ascent of Man’ for their inventive team picture



And the second from early September where one of the teams from Dollar Financial invented a new performance art – tube ballet, which they demonstrated to a packed rush hour metropolitan line tube. Our only challenge after that event is the lady from Finland who wants to play the game with her team – may have to be our portable version ‘Bid the Grid’!



Hope you all had a good summer and remember to give us a shout if you have a team build at risk of being boring!


Gaming with the Gamers

On Friday we had a great day. A great day that required a weekend of recovery but a great day none the less.

We’d been asked by the Director of Gaming for Betfair to run a team day for his senior team and the day started in the most civilized way with breakfast at Soho House:

(We recommend the sausage sandwiches)

We then spent the morning doing Belbin with some interesting and entertaining results before jumping in taxis to get to the start positions for an afternoon spent playing our Property Trading Game…

Without giving the game away we felt we had to share this photo of one of the teams attempting to gain some points with their inventive photo that involved them all planking (well kind of) on the bollards at Trafalgar Square:

The team seemed to have a great day (we are fingers crossed for some great feedback and you never know maybe a testamonial) and they ended up drinking cocktails and having dinner whilst we snuck off for tea and peppermint foot lotion!!

It was certainly interesting being the people running a game with a team who manage games for a living and we didn’t have the knowledge to argue when one team member predicted (rightly) that they were 1.64 odds on to win…

Despite the November weather the day was a blast and one group definitely benefitted and that was the British Legion as the poppies were out with pride and more than one collection box felt the benefit of the team’s exuberance. This scene in one of the pools at Trafalgar Square seemed worthy of capture whilst the team recovered from their inventiveness