Here we go again!


One of our many learnings in carrying our kit bag has been, like Dr. Pepper, when it comes to team games, you gotta try ’em to love ’em!

With this in mind (and having had some great fun in the past) we are running two open events in the coming months. Worry not – we are waiting until after Easter to give the weather a chance to improve but the plans are set.

What’s in it for you? Obviously a blast of a day playing one of our games but more importantly a day spent away from your desk with like minded people having a chance to reflect on your own development and how you perform in a team. We’ll even throw in a few beers and a pizza at the end of the day.

So the details are:

30th April, London, The Property Trading Game            BOOK HERE

14th May, London, The Game is Afoot             BOOK HERE

All we ask is to take part you are someone who could potentially utilise our products in your work and that when you’ve had a great time, you tell people. Easy really!


No such thing as a free lunch?

If you’ve visited this site before you’ll know we recently ran a demo day. It appears to have really worked for the people who attended and you can find details of their experiences on this blog. The objective of the day from our perspective was to have some fun and hopefully develop some business from it, so we made the whole thing free and threw in beers and pizza (although no one would let us pay which was very flattering!)

When we first started talking about the day there was a flurry of activity and without checking and if memory serves 24 people initially said yes please, which was fantastic. Once we had plumped for a date and the days started counting down the apologies started to trickle in and within days to go there the trickle increased to a stream which left us with the 8 brave souls who played (and what a great bunch they were)

Before proceeding let’s make two things very clear:

1. Everyone who dropped out did so for valid reason and were polite enough to let us know

2. Those who made it on the day were great and made the day work for everyone

The point we are curious about is this – if we had charged people for the day would we have had less sign ups but fewer drop outs? Or given it was our first “open” event, would charging people have meant no sign ups at all?

Is cancelling a free lunch the easiest way to create some space in your diary and does having parted with money anchor it in there good and proper?