So, how’ve you been?

So…long time no speak. We’ve been quiet but plodding along.

A few bits of news:

We’ve launched  a new version of our best selling Property Trading Game – a collaborative version. Our original version set teams up to compete and the heat of competition and getting compelled in the game helped them forget to pretend and just be themselves – all good stuff. The collaborative version twists this and rather than compete they have to work together with other teams to win the game, “Easy” or is it? In our product trials what we found was the behaviour and the processes of collaborating with other teams tested the participants as much if not more than competing. We’ll be giving it a run out in our summer demos…

We’re holding our now annual summer demos in June and July. For anyone who may be interested – HR, L&D, OD, Consulting types, to come along and try one of our games for themselves – try before you (hopefully) buy! You can find more information here: Open Events. The dates are June 22nd for Property Trading Game – Collaborative and July 6th for The Game is Afoot (Moriarty is already planning more dastardly challenges!)

Speaking of L&D types, we are getting amongst them and have confirmed we will be exhibiting at the CIPD L&D show in May. This annual event fills London’s Olympia with post it note brandishing, flip chart ready L&D professionals all thirsty for inspiration or at least some free swag. We’ll be storming it from stand 866 (lucky for some?) and if you’re planning to be there we’ll happily ply you with Quality Street. It’s being held on May 10th and 11th and you can sign up for free admission here

And finally, with a little glow of pride, we wanted to congratulate the team at Crossrail for getting a silver in ‘Best Leadership Development Programme’ at the Training Journal Awards in November. We are proud to say that every programme they ran had at least one of our games as part of it and the feedback from participants made it clear that they appreciated a different way of getting to know their fellow participants even if they did think the person ‘playing’ Moriarty was evil!!!

Anyway, enough about us…how’ve you been?