The Property Trading Game – Collaboration Edition

Based on the classic board game of property trading, rent and chance, this version is adapted from our first and most used The Property Trading Game where teams move around the city scoring points by visiting world famous locations and solving problems. The difference here is they must collaborate to win – competition is no help!


What plays out is the teams experiencing the highs & lows of trying to effectively collaborate, sharing information, sharing goals and aligning their activities to get the win. Our experience with the teams who’ve played so far is the biggest challenge is supressing their competitive urges and working together

Duration:        1 Day

Type:                  Game – suitable for learning, team building and change

Usage:                Team Build, Part of “Understanding Teams” work, Leadership Development, Collaboration and goal alignment

Suitability:     All Levels (we have used with both Middle & Senior Managers)

Costs:                 Low [Basic material, travel, sustenance]

Locations:      Needs a significant city that can host the game (we have products for London, New York & Hong Kong)

People:              Minimum 8, Maximum 24 participants. 1 observer/facilitator per team