The Case of the Bag Lady

So at one time or another everyone has experienced the case study. You sit and read through some history of a business and are faced with the challenges that the business was faced with at the time. In ‘The Case of the Bag Lady’ we tell the story of Clippykit and tell the story in phases with an opportunity to explore different challenges and options at the end of each phase. What’s make it different? That Calypso Rose, who founded and continues to run the business joins the group for the day. She brings her own unique insight into the challenges she faced, the things that drove her business and those that held her back (and drove her mad).



Useful in many contexts, The Case of the Bag Lady could be used to help a functional team consider broader business challenges, those working in a large business to understand their smaller suppliers or as a case studies on the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur.

Calypso (known to her friends as Clippy) is both charming and open in sharing her experiences and from the first time we’ve worked with her it has been a pleasure to see her business develop.



Duration:        1 day

Type:                  Case Study (With a difference!)

Usage:                Commercial Awareness, Entrepreneurship, Holistic Business thinking

Suitability:     All Levels (we have used with both Middle & Senior Managers)

Costs:                 Moderate [Venue and we can’t forget Clippy’s fee!]

Locations:      Can be run anywhere

People:              Minimum 8, Maximum 32 participants

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