The Property Trading Game

Based on the classic board game of property trading, rent and chance, our Property Trading Game is different in that the participants compete around the city to see who will get the most points!

Formed into up to 3 teams the participants will move around the city and earn points at each Property location they visit BUT only when they have completed a task and ONLY if they are the first team to visit. The fun bit? They don’t find out if their first until after they complete the task…

What plays out is the teams experiencing the highs & lows of competition, the challenges of strategy, getting to know & understand each other and in our experience a group of exhausted people!

Duration:        1 Day

Type:                  Game – suitable for learning, team building and change

Usage:                Team Build, Part of “Understanding Teams” work, Leadership Development, Resilience Development

Suitability:     All Levels (we have used with both Middle & Senior Managers)

Costs:                 Low [Basic material, travel, sustenance]

Locations:      Needs a significant city that can host the game (we have products for London, New York & Hong Kong)

People:              Minimum 8, Maximum 24 participants. 1 observer/facilitator per team

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