Penclawdd Cockles

The sleepy village of Penclawdd near Swansea in South Wales is famous for it’s cockles. The world’s leading chefs demand cockles from Penclawdd but someone has to deliver them, which is the setting for this game.

Two teams are physically separated (can be within the same hotel) and given snippets of information on how they can successfully operate the supply chain to deliver the cockles to the customers. No one team has all the information and no one team has all the resources required to succeed.

Will they play win/win or play win/lose? Tested through restricted communication this game pits two teams not against each other but with each other and gives the facilitator great opportunities to demonstrate not only the perils of poor communication but also how agendas and internal competition can hinder results

Duration:        1/2 Day

Usage:                Part of “Understanding Teams” work, Development Centre ‘Communication Skills’

Suitability:     All Levels

Costs:                 Low [Access to walkie talkies, rooms]

Locations:      Can be run on your site or venue of choosing