Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

Businesses are obsessed with meetings but finding a way to simulate them was something that tested us. So we came up with this simulation of a meeting held in mythical company for a mythical product launch


Participants receive a briefing document on their role in the meeting and after appointing a chairperson it begins….and in our experience chaos ensues. The beauty is that there is enough detail that it is credible but not too much that it gets difficult to understand (we’ve run this in Europe and Asia).

Combined with strong facilitation, feedback and some input around meetings best practice this simulation drives some really great learnings. For best effect we recommend cycling it at least twice so the team get a chance to react to the feedback and have another go!

Has roles for up to 12 active participants (with up to 4 being removable without disrupting the flow) and we recommend at least 2 observers from within the participant group

Duration:        Max 2 hours

Usage:                Topic workshop

Suitability:     Up to middle management level

Costs:                 Low – your training venue and facilitation

Locations:      Anywhere