For those of who hear the tv show “Lost” and think of Matthew Fox and the beach….it’s not that one! This game is based on the show that only made 5 appearances on Channel 4 in 2001. Teams were taken to a foreign city with VERY limited resources and had to compete to see who was the first to get to Trafalgar Square

Now the confession is we’ve never run this commercially as part of an intervention… we’ve only done it as part of a stag night (and that was off duty) but believe that the experiences could drive some amazing bonding, the need for problem solving, putting participants in place where they need support and challenge from each other.

Due to the nature of this game, we would happily facilitate it for free (but still charge for the product) but are desperate to find the HR/L&D professional bold enough to get a group to do this!

Duration:        2 Days

Usage:                Team Build, Part of “Understand Teams” work

Suitability:     Senior Teams only

Costs:                 High [Transport, Travel, Accommodation, Support team etc)

Locations:      This could be run in any location globally