Everyone knows it, most people eat it and for years it’s been the cornerstone of most breakfasts and lunches – it’s bread! The participants are set up as consultants to a well known retailer and given the broad challenge to grow the bread category. Given a variety of data and the opportunity to visit the store which team team will rise above?

Senior management form the retail client and the final presentations give each team a chance to propose their solution, demonstrating how they have applied the data supplied and collected to make a convincing case. Bread was developed in response to a client request and their aim was to take an existing commercial team and give them a broad challenge in a market in which they had no constraints but crucially didn’t have to deliver the outcomes they were proposing – freed from the day job!!

Duration:        1/2 Day

Usage:                Developing Commercial Awareness, Freeing teams to think outside current market constraints

Suitability:     Middle management, sales and marketing professionals

Costs:                 Low [Access to laptops, rooms]

Locations:      Can be run on your site or venue of choosing but must be near a major supermarket