Bid the Grid

We’ve been wrestling with a problem for some time and ‘Bid the Grid’ is our solution. We get the most enquiries for our Property Trading game but the challenge is it requires a city that has a monopoly game to be able to run it. Rather than trying to convince people to move their activity to London we’ve designed ‘Bid the Grid’ which takes the competition and challenge of the Property Trading and removes the need for a specific location


Teams must bid for a number of tasks based on a short description and from the game is afoot to complete those tasks either as a whole team, in pairs or as individuals. Testing creativity, problem solving, ingenuity and plain old getting the task down, ‘Bid the Grid’ will push a team to work together and give the organisers loads of rich experience to observe and feedback on.

What plays out is the teams experiencing the highs & lows of competition, the challenges of strategy, getting to know & understand each other and in our experience a group of exhausted people!

Duration:        From 1/2 day to 2 days

Type:                  Game – suitable for learning, team building and change

Usage:                Team Build, Part of “Understanding Teams” work, Leadership Development, Resilience Development

Suitability:     All Levels (we have used with both Middle & Senior Managers)

Costs:                 Low [Basic material, travel, sustenance]

Locations:      Can be run anywhere but needs a significant town or city easily accessible

People:              Minimum 8, Maximum 24 participants. 1 observer/facilitator per team

If you think Bid the Grid could be useful to you, your team or your client fill in this form to find out more


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