Imagine your very own island paradise… Now imagine you are running a resort in that island paradise and have to deal with the complexities of your competitors, your airline partner, where you position your brand, how much you invest and how much you charge… Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to Beachbados!

Beachbados is a business simulation. It covers in broad detail the decisions of the commercial operations of a tropical beach resort and is structured into 6 business cycles allowing the participants to see the impact of their decisions versus another group making their own decisions.

The simulation is structured and supported with data to allow the facilitators (without financial or technical knowledge) to drive the simulation “live” and give results based on performance.

Duration:        2 Days

Usage:                Developing Commercial Awareness, Understanding Cross Functional Roles

Suitability:     Middle to Senior Managers

Costs:                 Low [Access to laptops, rooms]

Locations:      Can be run on your site or venue of choosing. Requires at least 3 organisers