Open Events

One of the many things we’ve learnt doing this is that trying to explain the value of our games and simulations isn’t easy. That said people who play our games love our games. So we invite those who could buy them (consultants, HR, L&D, OD, strangely interested) to come and play for no expense other their time. We even throw in a few beers as a thank you.

So that’s what it is in it for us, but what about you? Apart from the beer it’s an afternoon to escape the desk and get a chance to reflect on your own development in the company of people who share similar challenges. And there’s beers, did we mention that?

We’ve done it a few times but first open event was in November 2011 and it was a resounding success and you can find out more about what people thought here. Since then run several (generally in the summer – we prefer the sun)

Having ‘taken the learnings’ (we are development pros after all) we have decided to work with our partners to run another couple and it’s in June this year. Having flogged  the original Property Trading Game for a few years we’re giving you a shot at the new collaborative version of the Property Trading Game and the change to pit your wits against Moriarty!

2017 Dates

If you want to know any more please give us a shout but remember – there’s beer and/or wine!