A Programme?

Tried and tested  in diverse environments our modular leadership development programme aims to create an environment and use experiential learning, theory, case study and robust facilitation to inspire and enable individuals to develop their own leadership whilst creating powerful groups and networks within organisations.

The programme can be designed to fit your requirements – for time, cost, location and focus but we try and make it a very fun serious endeavour so it is a commitment for those taking part. Organised into cohorts of a maximum of 15, subdivided into learning sets, the individuals are encouraged to commit to the process, developing trust with their peers and ultimately the cohort becomes the most powerful influence above and beyond anything provided by the facilitators.

There are two tenets of the programme. The first is that any individual who understands themselves better, understands how their behaviour impacts others and how others impact them, will be a more effective leader. The second is that an individual with an improved appreciation and understanding of the system they operate will be able to lead their team and across the organisation more effectively.  We’ve used it at various levels of seniority and found it lands well as long as the facilitation adapts to the participants and the groups are peer to peer.

There’s loads for detail behind how we’ve used it in the past (within organisations, delivering it ourselves, having to deliver outcomes) so if you’d like a chat then get in touch (Contact Us link is above!!)