Fun in the sun?

So we can guarantee fun…but being it’s the UK even in July we’d be crazy to guarantee sun!

We are holding one of our open events in London in July (late enough in the year to improve the odds of sun but before the kids break up from school) to give any who’s interested a chance to come and try one of our games.

Having run our Property Trading Game for the last few years it’s the chance of “The Game is Afoot” to get an open outing this year so if you fancy your chances against Moriarty then it’s time to step up! It’s an afternoon out of the office and we promise we’ll only try and sell you something at the end…

What’s in it for you? Obviously a blast playing one of our games but more importantly some time spent away from your desk with like minded people having a chance to reflect on your own development and how you perform in a team. We’ll even throw in a few beers and a pizza at the end.

So the details are:

7th July, London, The Game is Afoot             BOOK HERE

All we ask is to take part you are someone who could potentially utilise our products in your work and that when you’ve had a great time, you tell people. Easy really!


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