Do physicians ever heal themselves?

If you were look for a stalwart of the modern organisational landscape you’d be hard pressed not to consider the away day. Generally a chance for a team to pause the day job and spend some time focussing on themselves hopefully in the name of improved performance  (we guess!?). They range from a few hours in a meeting room to the most profligate we ever heard where 15 people flew business class to the US for two days spent in a hotel to then all fly back again!!

As HR people we often get involved with supporting and running other people’s away days but here at Kit Bag we are interested to learn more about the HR team itself and what (if anything) happens on an HR team away day. With that in mind we have prepared a little Survey Monkey aimed at those working for in-house HR teams (sorry consultants we’ll come to you later) to see if HR people take the time to develop their own teams and performance as much as they do for the rest of the organisation.

Therefore if you fit that basic criteria, would you mind awfully filling out the survey linked below  – it’s only 10 questions and they’re all quantitative so should take you no time at all…

Kit Bag HR Away Days survey

Oh and while we have your attention – we are running another Demo Day where for the grand sum of £0 you can come and play one of our games with a bunch of other HR types and get beer and a pizza thrown in at the end. You can find more details here – it’s July 18th and we’d love to see you (and your colleagues)


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