The apologies end here…

Modest, humble, unabashed, self-effacing, reserved, unassured – however you want to term it, we believe we’ve been a bit <insert one of those words here>

When we started Kit Bag in 2011 there was definitely a gap in the market. There are lots of games and simulations out there and to us they appeared either trite and formulaic or exceeding expensive (and not reassuringly so). So we pulled our products together and set this site up and quietly started to do some business whilst in the tone of this site almost apologising for doing so.

Nearly 2 years later we’re still here. We’ve not made squillions but we have delivered some quality products to some great clients and in doing so supported them to do some great work. We’ve been joined by some partners who’ve all added to the dynamic and we’ve added some products and removed some products from the Kit Bag.

But now, in February 2013 the apologies end. We have a mission and it is: ‘to rid the workplace of mediocre team builds…one game and simulation at a time’.

This post is blatantly marketing – we are upping the ante and if you don’t want to play that’s OK – mediocrity works for some…


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