The most interesting bag lady…ever!

It was the dim and distant past (OK a few years ago) and as part of a leadership development programme we (two of our brave band) was scrabbling around for something to provide stimulation for a workshop on ‘Commercial Awareness’. Please bear in mind these were the dark days before Kit Bag had embarked on it’s mission to rid the world of mediocre team building and what we could find was either a) BORING or b) extortionate in price.

Later that same evening whilst indulging in some Twitter banter we struck up conversation with a lady called Calypso or Clippy to her friends (and fans) who runs a small business designing and manufacturing several ranges of bags that apart from fulfilling the core purpose of carrying stuff also allow the owner to customise them with pictures of their own. They look something like this…


A few e-mails, a phone chat and a rather boozy lunch later and we had the most fun concept – a workshop with Clippykit as the subject but the best bit was that Clippy herself would join the day, providing real life insight, answering questions and becoming part of the learning. Since that first day we’ve run it a few times for various groups and the combination of the story, Clippy and the opportunities for the group to explore her business always works really well.

We’ve teamed up Clippy to offer this as a product in the kit bag and you can find more details about it here or buy one of her bags here (they make awesome gifts – we can attest to that!)


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