Testimonial from ResMed

As we mentioned in our post earlier, we received a very flattering testimonial from ResMed who commissioned and played our new product ‘Bread’.

Andrew Huxter, Director of Finance & Operations, sent this:

We had a challenge to look at the team and the individuals within it and help them develop both their strategic ability and planning skills. We worked with the team at Kitbag to develop ‘Bread’ – a simple game that illustrates the challenges of planning in today’s world. A fun business-based framework that challenged the team to remove themselves from their comfort of their own field of experience and expertise and immerse themselves into the world of bread – something everyone knows but very few people think about. The game required the teams to manage through and assimilate the minefield (and reality) of incomplete and exhaustive data in order to make their strategic choice that they could recommend being implemented.

It was a great session. The participants got absorbed and those (including myself) supporting it could see how the insight behind the design of the game drove some great discussions which we can use to change thinking in the business.

Thanks Andrew – much appreciated!!


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