The best learning experience I’ve ever had – Kirsten Holmes

Today’s post is from Kirsten Holmes. We don’t know Kirsten (apart from on Twitter) although we have discovered she has a problem resisting shoe shops in Bath – it’s always the things you least expect. The introductions to the previous posts have been written by us whilst the posts were being uploaded but Kirsten wrote her own which no one would ever believe we wrote so we’ve included it! You can find her on Twitter here.

I’ve just returned to the UK having spent the last 9 years living in New Zealand. I have returned home to set up her business in her passion and life long calling of enabling people to uncover the layers to find their own inner truth. I am committed to living in a heart centred place. I have a deep connection to the principles of how we bring our children into this world knowing who they are to enable them to maintain their highest potential. I am keen to find people interested in such work

The best learning experience I ever had

There have been so many and to be quite honest my whole life is a “learning experience” but one of them particularly, was significant beyond all others. It started off as a Gap Year (or an OE in the parts of the world I went to). I was 27, a year previously I had left a 7 year relationship which I had known for a long time was not meant to be. I knew there was more to life and I had an innate drive to find out who I really was (a cliche of travelling but in my case certainly a truism). So I booked a ticket to New Zealand, I didn’t know anyone there but I did have a visa and I knew it was where I was meant to be. So I left my teaching job, packed up my house into storage, my dog went to a friend, I sold many belongings and packed a bag.

I made a commitment to release the programmes of the past, to give myself the space I needed to heal, to enable me to fully live my future. I had to overcome the self talk inside my head to allow myself to follow my intuition. I purposefully chose the journey (physically and metaphorically) to find out who I was deep inside, not the labels I had been given (daughter, sister, teacher) in my life. I knew there was something inside of me waiting to be discovered, to be set free. I followed my heart. I began my journey of self discovery, self acceptance and self awareness.

In my early days there I travelled the country extensively, worked in a Winery, nannied and tutored, all the time seeking out new learning experiences in the people I met, to the books I read, courses I chose to attend.  I then decided to reestablished my life again and with great determination (and a lot of paperwork) I returned to teaching, had my own home, my own horse again and many friends. I was settled…until a call came from deep within to return home. I knew then I was strong enough in who I was to return back to the UK and stay true to my beliefs, my values and the dream of my business. I spent 9 years living and working in New Zealand.

Through travelling to the other side of the world alone I learned how to be in the flow of life, how to trust myself.  I discovered my own truth that had been previously hidden inside, I learned the power of my own strength, courage and determination. I learned that if you follow your heart things fall into place in such perfect unison it is astounding. It was not an easy journey by any means but it was certainly life changing. I met many people, experienced life to it’s fullest and had a rich learning experience.

To explain the circumstances I learned these things in would take a blog a week for many weeks! (perhaps that’s a note to self!) I choose to listen to my heart, I choose to listen to my intuition as well as my universal guidance and I chose to see beyond the illusion and into the truth. I am constantly striving to be the most authentic person I can be in order to live my truth in this world to enable others to do the same. With much love and deep gratitude for you taking the time to read this, Kirsten. 


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