The best learning experience I ever had – Natasha Stallard

Powering on with the guest posts we turn to Natasha Stallard for ‘something completely different’ but for those who know Tash would you expect anything else? Natasha is a learning and development consultant who works with a wide variety of clients in her own unique fashion. She was one of the participants in our open day and was a great sport!! You can follow her on Twitter here.

Around this time last year Jamie Oliver’s Dream School aired. Jamie Oliver and the Fifteen Apprentices hold a very special place in my life and in my heart, and, so, I settled in for many a cosy night in front of the TV.

I remember being struck instantly by the Dream School, particularly feeling a fondness towards not only the students, but the Headmaster, the uber cool and deeply caring Jazzy B and the effervescent Dr Robert Winston (who always seems to make me smile from deep within).   In one of the early scenes I remember watching Dr Robert Winston and being memorized by how he shared his knowledge whilst effortlessly drawing out from the students such focus, learning, listening, curiosity and fun. I felt we were watching a true and humble master at work.  In particular, he shared a thought with the students that has stayed with me ever since, it started something like this ……. “stop learning and we cease to be useful’’ ……… WOW, was my immediate reaction, what a clear and powerful message, what if everyone in life took this as a mantra (not saying that you need to of course!) but just imagine, WHAT IF ……….   

So in response to Trainers Kit Bag immortal question ‘what is the best learning experience I have ever had’, I can truly say, hand on heart, that I wholeheartedly agree with Dr Robert Winston, that the learning never stops and that for me, the learning comes from ALL OF LIFE.  To illustrate this a bit more and to give you a bit of a nosey around my life (I know you want to!!!), I’ve listed some of my moments that I think were life-defining, life-changing, life-life-ing!!   Some may surprise, some may resonate, some may be deep! All in all, my hope is that this post and my list below may cause YOU to reflect and look back on some of your precious moments. If it does and you feel called to, why not share your moments here too, I always love to hear more from life J

1)     My Mum and Dad.  Thank you

2)     Running free and living in harmony with others on one of the most notorious council estates from the age of 0-23

3)     Following my heart over my head

4)     Living through an uncomfortable period of disengagement and being a total loner  

5)     Watching the course of my career change dramatically when someone I deeply respect placed his hand on my shoulder and whispered quietly ‘God will have his way’.  Thank you John Hoerner

6)     Experiencing that emotion is just e-motion = energy in motion. That we can profoundly choose to engage with ‘negative’ e-motion and change it’s course or impact it in any way we choose

7)     Spending divine time with extraordinary others – yes that is YOU reading this right now. Listening to your stories, your lives and the paths you follow

8)     Understanding that to love others that love you is easy.  But to love others that attack or berate you is the biggest gift you can give, not only to yourself but to life.  

9)      Letting go, letting go and letting go again….. Thank you Danielle Cantillon – my true inspiration and original *cheerleader* in this field!





 Thanks for reading and big thanks to Trainers Kit Bag for hosting.

 P.S. For those that are wondering, points 10 plus are intentionally blank. Blankety-blank! Blank of course, so that me and LIFE have all the time and space to play that we want ……     see you in the playground, I’ll be the one on the swings 🙂


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