The best learning experience I’ve ever had – the story so far…

Previously on Trainers Kit Bag…

It’s amazing what can happen from a random offer. Early in May we tweeted an open invite to anyone who wished to write a guest post entitled “The best learning experience I ever had”. So far we’ve had 7 great posts (and with several more to come) but thought it was worth pausing for a moment and just signposting those already published.

  • Sukh Pabial wrote his on what he learned about great facilitation. You can find his post here.
  • Mike Collins wrote about how a Ferrari track day has informed how he thinks about his role and his work. You can find Mike’s post here.
  • Bev Wilkinson wrote about how becoming a new Mum was perhaps the steepest learning curve. Bev’s post is linked here.
  • Perry Timms took two events from his career and showed how they’ve contributed to the way he approaches his work (at pace!!). You can find Perry’s contribution here.
  • Kate Griffiths-Lambeth reflected on how a difficult situation with one of her sons lead her to reflect. Kate’s story is linked here.
  • Jon Barlett shared a school-days story and the impact of a transformational teacher. Jon’s post can be found here
  • Kevin Wyke took a Top 5 approach to reflecting on the variety of learning experiences he has. You can find his post here.

We want to take this opportunity to thank this marvellous bunch for their contributions.

Whilst we’ve got you for a moment could we just ask that you take a look at the open day we are running with our partners in September. If experience is anything to go by it’ll be a fantastic day and we’d appreciate any help spreading the word. We’ve also (at the behest of someone who follows us on Twitter) added a subscription widget to the site so you can receive the blog posts by e-mail.

Someone asked late last week what we’ve learned from the experience of hosting these guests. Well they haven’t been messy or noisy and have even made their beds… Seriously, it’s been fabulous getting to read everyone’s different perspectives and seeing what results can be achieved by giving interested individuals an nice open topic to ‘reflect into’

Last and by no means least, if anyone reading this would like to contribute to the series we are still happy to receive contributions


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