The best learning experience I ever had – Bev Wilkinson

The third contributor in our series of guest posts is Beverlie Wilkinson. Beverlie runs the consultancy Nuggets of Learning and you can find more information on their website or follow her on Twitter.

In her post Bev shares some real life insight which beautifully illustrates that sometimes learning just happens….especially with a new member of the family!

My best learning experience ever? Attending a nuggets workshop of course!!! [Editor: cheeky!]

However when I pondered the question in greater depth, I actually thought possibly my route into parenting.

Learning for me has always had to be experiential, when you are living through something you have the stories to tell afterwards, that then become legends in themselves.

Bringing home a baby from hospital must be the steepest and fastest learning curve you will ever go on.  You can only learn by getting stuck in, everything has to be done immediately.  Baby always cry for a reason, the hardest part is finding out what reason!! In business we can ask questions, but we might not always ask the right ones.  Learning as a parent is fairly instant where as sometimes in work this is not the case.

My learning experience always needed to be shared and acknowledged by myself and others.  I was very lucky that I was able to share the highs and lows of parenting with my husband which definitely made the experience more enriching.  I have noticed that any development I embark on needs to be passed onto to others  so I retain the knowledge for longer. 

I guess the key for me to have the best learning journey is for it to be fun and relaxed.  When I feel comfortable I absorb information like a sponge, tests and exams are very cruel tool and technique, mentally and physically.  Any learning and development experience should be centred around the engagement and rapport of the team and the facilitator. 

Parenting has been the fastest, craziest and most fun voyage I have ever been on…!



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