Look what they did to Ferris…

If like us you did a lot of your growing up in the 80s you must have watched “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. If you haven’t stop reading NOW and go and buy it. When it arrives suspend all other activity and sit and watch it. When you get to the end ask yourself the question “If they made a 2012 follow up what would it be like?”. FYI Ferris would now be in his early forties.

Last week a teaser advert was doing the rounds with Matthew Broderick (who played Bueller) looking out of a hotel window and paraphrasing his original line by saying “How can I be expected to handle work on a day like today?”. Mass excitement followed (OK, a few tweets) about the prospect of another movie until it became clear the ‘release date’ was Superbowl Sunday and it was a teaser for a commercial.

The full commercial has appeared today and here it is:


First things first there is no way Ferris would be driving THAT car! He wouldn’t whine and he would pack a lot more into his day than that! We watched with a growing sense of anger that those damn car manufacturers have broken Ferris!

And then a thought soothed us and it’s that thought that provoked this post. Once you’ve watched both the advert and the film sit back and ask yourself this question “if I can have a day off from all of it, what am I going to do?”. We guarantee the fun filled thoughts that follow with sooth anything but will wager money than none of it involves driving a Honda….





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