It’s only 24 hours but…

Remember back in 1995 (or maybe you don’t) when AltaVista was the search engine of choice until Yahoo emerged with it’s categories and listings and took over? At that point there was no verb to AltaVista something and then a strange white page appeared with a simple logo at the top and with in a few years people were googling things?

We don’t remember the first time we used Wikipedia but it’s only the idea of it not being there that has made us aware of how much we do use it and how much it has become one of our two ports of call – it’s either Google or Wiki for info, links or an information wild goose chase!

To protest two pieces of legislation SOPA and PIPA currently on track in the US governing bodies, Wikipedia have decided to black out the English language site for 24 hours. You can find out more about their reasons for taking a stand here but for it’s only 10.20am and already twice we’ve gone to wiki and forgotten that we were going to face this:

[On a side note: you can continue to use Wikipedia if you disable javascript: thanks to @Memset_Kate]


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