Monday Morning Frippery

A conversation over dinner on Saturday night has prompted a light hearted Monday morning post because as much as we are about games for developing people sometimes you just need to be silly…

To play this game you will need:

  • 1 large supermarket
  • 1 large supermarket trolley
  • 1 long shopping list
  • Time

Directions for play:

Enter the supermarket as normal and begin shopping ideally in the produce section. Whilst wandering, browsing and checking the freshness of fruit and vegetables begin humming, singing, whistling or la’ing the theme to “The Great Escape”. The key to beginning the game is you MUST NOT look like you know you are producing the sound but that it’s just something going on whilst you shop.

Continue to shop and whilst in the company of other shoppers carry on producing (method of your choice) the theme.

You score 1 point for every other shopper who you hear during your shop also singing (or similar) “The Great Escape” theme


Obviously busier times are better

Points will be lost for anyone noticing what you are trying to do

Results seem to be better if you start and stop regularly with breaks rather than continuously singing the theme


The record is 22!


Happy shopping!!


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