Testimonial from Betfair

What a fabulous way to start the week with this from Sam Hobcraft, Director of Gaming at Betfair:

“The team at Kit Bag helped me devise and deliver a development session with my team.  The focus of the day was on teamwork. I had recently taken on a new team and I wanted to create a fun and intellectually stimulating session where they got to understand each others strengths and their approaches to work.  It was fantastic.  They immediately connected with my guys and delivered a well thought through session with a great balance of humor, energy and agile thinking.

In the afternoon, they got us out of the ‘classroom’ and playing the version of real life Property Trading game, which was designed to practically demonstrate the roles people play and how they work together as a team.  This creative approach to learning really galvanised what we had learnt about each other in the morning session.  It was a lot of fun and my team got so much out of the day.  The team from Kit bag then properly debriefed all the team members and followed up with me to help me take the learnings back to the workplace.  They come highly recommended.”

Thanks Sam!

The blog post immediately following this day can be found here


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