They came, they saw, they played…

So we planned a demo day. The idea was to get a group of people out to play our Property Trading Game and get some fun and networking thrown in too. The original invite is here so feel free to read it.

The demo day was yesterday and 8 brave souls duly turned up in London without much idea of what the day would hold and thanks to them all for playing with such enthusiasm and commitment.

Without going into step by step detail the day seemed to really work – taking a group of people some of whom knew each other in real life, some through Twitter and some not at all and letting them play was such a great experience and one dare we say it we may repeat. We finished at 4.15pm in a pub in the West End and when dinner finished at 7pm people were still talking about the day and the game which has to be said left smiles on faces.

Some great feedback for us on the game itself, how we could sell it better and differently and hopefully a few interested parties who can now see how a product like our Property Trading Game could fit into what they do but all in all a great fun day which left people seemingly knackered but energised. We think that’s job done!

Some photos from the ‘car’ team below, ‘boot’ team to follow when someone sends them over

The car team do their “inventive team picture” (we think they were inventing bikes)

Next came the artistic team picture (spot the ass)

and not forgetting a picture of the team in a phone box (business cards were NOT collected!)

And as for the ‘boot’ team, they crammed into a phone box too….

Attempted an artistic picture (not sure if they saw no evil!!)

and even accosted a celebrity for 300 points (although we may need reminded who he is…)

One of the participants (@Changecontinuum) has written 4 blog posts following his reflections on the day that can be found here:

The one where the “Boot” was on the other foot – Part 1 “The Roles we Play”

The one where the “Boot” was on the other foot – Part2 “The Way we think”

The one where the “Boot” was on the other foot – Part 3 “The Way we Act”

The one where the “Boot was on the other foot – Part 4 “The Art of Giving”

Another (@kateGL) has written another post you can find here:

Winning Ways


7 thoughts on “They came, they saw, they played…

  1. Looks like useful fun. I’m genuinely disappointed I missed this and I look forward to seeing more pictures and to learning more about the experience so I can in turn offer it to others. Well done.

  2. Perhaps we should have called it “9 go mad in London Town”! Rob, it was a great experience. Its not until you get into it that you appreciate the structure and work that goes into making it work so well done. Personally, i thought it would be a doddle but I found myself challenged several times!

    I’ve taken part in and used many different types of exercises similar to this but the Monopoly approach has a different edge to it. Being outside for a whole day, in a totally unstructured scenario was revealing. I suspect that using it with an exec team for example would be even more revealing.

    Overall I loved it and would (and will) recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative to the usual crops of team challenge/development offerings.

    We was robbed though. I mean, a statue?! 😉

  3. As team ‘Boots’ guide I had an interesting view of the day and at some points felt a bit like a nasty piece of work when they fought to win properties and I knew they’d already been pipped to the post.

    Throughout the day, I got to observe team bonding, leadership, creativity, resilience and plenty of laughs and fun. The game appeared to prompt team members to use strategies and to evolve their approach throughout.

    As discussed with Kate over dinner, it would appear the role of the guide could be adapted for different teams in order to achieve what ever a companies desired outcome might be. For example the guide could take on a harsh character and purposely slip up the teams as part of resilience training, or they could (as I did) inject enthusiasm to support team bonding ideal for a team offsite or project team kick off.

  4. A fantastic day which still raises smiles, in particular, memories of barging through The Savoy and literally stopping myself dead in my tracks to question the consequences of my upcoming actions …….. surely Rob and the Trainers Kit Bag team wouldn’t expect us to do anything which could get us arrested, would they, WOULD THEY ……. ?!?

    The lovely David Goddin @changecontinuum has written some extraordinary stuff over on his blog – a series of reflections on the day I too promised Rob that I would post some thoughts, yet with so much great blogging and comments from the likes of @kategl, @garelaos and @em_stone, I had been left wondering what it is I am here to say. So with that in mind, I’ve decided to hang this comment around one of my favourite questions …. but WHY?

    WHY Team Monopoly ……….

    1) I stopped thinking (a rare opportunity for many)
    2) I started playing
    3) I knew little of my team members, but found instant synergy and trust
    3) My strengths & weaknesses were magnified for all to see without judgement or a need to ‘fix me’ – how refreshing!
    4) I remembered what it was like to be 6 yrs of age (relates to point 5 & 6!)
    5) I remembered how easy it is to talk to utter strangers about anything
    6) I was free to do what I do BEST without input or hold-back
    7) I was aware of my energy and impact on others (good and bad)
    .8) I fell in love with my team members and their uber-cool abilities
    9) I had one of the best days of this year
    10) I saw the power of this experience and how this could play out for others in a number of different scenario’s e.g releasing the power of relationships across cultures, teams, virtual teams, client partnering, project work etc, etc.

    Thanks Rob, Emily and the Trainers Kit Bag Team – a truly awesome day. Utterly delighted, as you know, to have been part of the experience.

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