If you can’t stand the heat….

Don’t run an exercise in Hong Kong in August…

The week so far has been very different from normal in that we’ve been running our Property Trading game for a corporate client in Hong Kong. Without giving too much away the game is designed to get everyone running around a location (we have London, HK & New York) absorbing them in an activity that helps them forget to “perform” for the sake of the training and stimulates them get stuck in and “behave” in a way to help them, their colleagues and the facilitators understand how they play as part of a team.

As the person facilitating the game it’s a blast, you get to be observer and occasional prompt to one of the teams whilst keeping in contact (through surruptitious texts to your fellow facilitator) with the other team and their progress. This game is without doubt our most popular (so far) and having had the opportunity to run it hands on several occasions is a great experience for all involved. Unless….

Unless, it’s 32 degrees celsius, about 80% humidity and the power of right guard is not holding. It’s safe to say that were we to run this again in similar climate then the brief would expand to include at least 1 spare t-shirt per person and an earlier start with a longer lunch (possibly including showers!). I am relieved to report that aside from the heat, it all went off well and 12 people from across Asia now have a better knowledge of Hong Kong but more importantly of each other!

A few pictures taken on the day….with an effort not to give any of the game away!

The Bank of China Tower, Central HK

The International Finance Centre, HK

The team on the Mid Level Escalators

Trying to keep the team out of this was the biggest challenge!


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