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When we hatched the plan for Kit Bag the idea was to distribute the products as stand alone for others to use. In the course of researching the business, running the pilots and talking to colleagues we realised that some people  may want more support in landing their intervention. We work with a small number of partners who use the Trainers Kit Bag products as part of finding the right solution for their customers.

Our Partners

In alphabetical order (and in their  own words) they are:

Change Continuum

Change Continuum is a people focused change consultancy.

We believe that long term sustainable change is created through collaborative relationships & the development of individuals & teams.  As change experts and influenced by our coaching practice, we have a unique appreciation of the challenges faced by both individuals and organisations.  We take a collaborative and ethical approach to all of our work.

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PTHR is a consultancy set up to support HR practitioners and organisations in driving transformational change in organisations. They do this through helping organisations re-find their vision and values, discovering ways to better engage the organisation, reinvigorating the performance conversation or through specific talent and development programmes.

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What Goes Around

What Goes Around is a consultancy practice run by Doug Shaw, an experimenter and facilitator. The business is founded on two principles: reciprocity works, and happy, well informed employees deliver. They deliver better sales, better service, better work, and better value, for themselves and their customers.

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We love what we do and the idea of Kit Bag was not to ‘get rich quick’ BUT we value our ideas and putting them together wasn’t easy. We’ve got a cost model which is based on logistics; number of participants and customising effort which we try and keep in line market rates for this kind of stuff. Whilst recognising that a) it’s more complex than it looks but b) with the impact it delivers then value>cost


The business is based in the UK but we have worked and the products have been used in UK, USA, Hong Kong, China & India. We currently can support facilitation in any English speaking intervention although travel may be involved depending on facilitator availability. We are prepared to travel globally (we love the airmiles!)